Diver Says KARL Delivers

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KARL and the graduate program is the learning method of “say-see-do” on steroids.
The KARL program encourages participants to freely share ideas and opinions in an open civil environment, while touring a variety of businesses and agencies throughout the state. I’m sure each class member can recall one seminar that had the greatest impact on their KARL experience. Taking the international tour allows exposure to foreign culture and to increasing global connections.
Prior to my participation in the KARL program, my leadership was focused on single, local issues, i.e. school board, and or the township roads.
I’m now using the skills provided through the KARL training in my role as county commissioner. KARL training has been very beneficial in addressing the broad range of issues facing county governments.
The graduate program offers learning opportunities and networking through ongoing seminars and domestic/ international travel. This allows spouses to become actively involved in the KARL family. The camaraderie on the graduate trips is awesome. Driving yourself around a foreign country does not remotely compare to riding the “KARL bus.”
I encourage all KARL members to expand their community involvement and support future KARL classes.

Fred Diver, Class VII – KARL Ambassadorimage

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