Current Class Curriculum

The two-year program includes nine in-state seminars, one Blue Chip seminar, a National Study tour to Washington DC, and an International Study tour to one or more countries. Seminars are in three-day segments, usually noon Wednesday through noon Friday, from November through February.

Each session class members are assigned to document a day during the session. This documentation can be found by clicking the session name.


Genesis Session – Rock Springs 4-H Camp
• Group Dynamic Skills
• Leadership – Skills, Styles, Perils and Team Building
• Ethics in Leadership

Economic Development – Garden City
• Macro View of the Economy
• Community Management
• Value-Added Agricultural Products
• Beef and Other Industry Instructional Tours

Personal Development – Norton
• Image and Personal Brand Building
• Discussion and Extemporaneous Speaking Skills
• Writing and Media Workshops
• Public Service

State of the State – Topeka
• Understanding and Working with the Kansas Legislature
• Regulation of Agriculture
• Media and Other Influence in Policy

Conflict Management and National Service – Leavenworth and Washington, D.C. 
Leavenworth – Conflict Management 
• International Cyber Security
• State Prison Systems
• Fort Leavenworth and the General Staff College
• Juvenile Intervention
Washington, D.C. – National Service
• U.S. Congressional Delegation
• U.S. Trade and Commodity Representations
• Federal Agencies
• Interest Group Visits



Blue Chip – Location TBD
• Corporate Management
• Corporation Leadership in Employee Culture and Community Footprint
• Investment in Workforce

Adapting to Change – Pittsburg
• Technology Education at Pittsburg State University
• Mining and Land Reclamation
• Environmental Issues Due to Human Practices

Creating Our Future – Greensburg
• Building Green and Bringing Technology to Rural Kansas
• Crisis Management
• Leading Through Adversity

Global Leadership – Wichita 
• Aviation’s Impact
• Tour of Cargill
• Education and Leadership
• KARL in the Classroom

International Study Seminar – Cuba 
• Trade relationships
• Comparative Agriculture
• Domestic and Foreign Policy
• Culture, Customs, and Politics

The Power of One – Location TBD
• International Seminar Debriefing
• Leadership Challenge
• Graduation