Investing in Leadership

The cost of the KARL Program is approximately $600,000 per class or $20,000 per class member. Participants only provide $2,500 each of the two years as tuition, and we pride ourselves on being one of the best values in our region. Foundation, organization, corporate and individual contributions are utilized to provide the remaining costs for training the KARL class. No tax-derived funding is asked for or utilized for the program.

Financial support from those who believe in the future of Kansas leadership helps further the educational programs of KARL, Inc. By joining hundreds of others investing you ensure a strong, positive future for Kansas agriculture and rural communities. KARL has helped more than 400 Kansans from 103 Kansas counties improve their leadership skills.

There are multiple ways to invest in KARL. Your valued support will further the success of the KARL program.

  • Donate to an already existing endowment fund or create your own
  • Contribute annually to the general fund
  • Underwrite one of the activities or meals during a seminar in your area
  • Participate in auctions and other fundraising activities held across the state throughout the year
  • Make a charitable bequest to KARL in your will
  • In-kind contributions
  • Commodity contributions – donate proceeds from a truck of corn, etc…

There are many benefits to investing in the future of Kansas leadership.

The generosity of Donors critically important in developing the KARL Program. In recognition of these special individuals, KARL Inc., initiated the KARL Legacy Benefactors Recognition Program to honor and memorialize the commitment of estate donors. KARL Legacy Benefactors are a support network of members, friends, and KARL family members that are willing to share their legacy for the training of future leaders in Kansas. KARL Legacy Benefactors also encourage others to follow in their footsteps. Others that share their belief in the importance of strong leadership within the agricultural industry and rural communities of Kansas.

Others that share their belief in the importance of strong leadership within the agricultural industry and rural communities of Kansas.

Donors maintain complete control over the degree of information shared with KARL Inc., regarding their specific plans. Please contact us to learn more, or schedule a visit with our staff.

“Professionally, I often counsel donors about how to decide which charitable organizations to support–typically through a bequest in their will. When Frank I decided to support KARL through a bequest we simply ask ourselves ‘what organizations have had a positive impact on our lives, our children’s lives and in our local and statewide community?’ KARL was near the top of our short list.’ Imagine the impact if every KARL graduate made even a modest bequest to support the KARL Program. As graduates, we have the power to ensure that this program continues and thrives in perpetuity. It has never been truer than ‘together we can accomplish great things!.”
Sandi Fruit- KARL Class IV
Endowment Funds

  • Finnup Foundation Trust, Garden City
  • Raymond and Sarah O’Hara Estate & Ruth Elaine Pierce
  • Clawson Memorial Endowment Fund
  • Ted and Florence Metcalf Endowment Fund
  • Sally Peterson (IV) Memorial Fund
  • Phil Gjerstad Memorial Endowment Fund
  • Barry L. Flinchbaugh Endowment Fund
  • Garetson Family Fund, Jay and Jill Garretson
  • Jack and Lindy Lindquist Endowment Fund
  • Lee and Carolyn Musil Endowment Fund
  • Stacy Steward Memorial Fund *Class IV*
  • Dave Govert Innovation Memorial Fund *Class IX*
  • Dan Snyder Memorial Fund


Full Leader Sponsors – $20,000 and above

  • Dane G. Hansen Foundation (2.5x)
  • CoBank – Ron Rahjes *class I*
  • CHS Foundation
  • 21st Century Alliance (1.5x)


Fellowship Underwriters – $16,000

  • Innovative Livestock Services – Lee Borck
  • Richard and Sarah Porter – Glenn Mull Memorial Gifts
  • The Finnup Foundation


Founders – $5,000 – $10,000

  • Carolyn and Allan Harms
  • Kansas Farm Bureau
  • Central National Bank & Trust
  • Kansas Livestock Association
  • CoBank
  • Gary and Glennys Doane
  • Horizon Milling
  • Intervet
  • Mid Kansas Co-op
  • Farm Credit Associations of Kansas
  • Frontier Farm Credit
  • Farm Credit of SWKS
  • American Farm credit
  • Farm Credit of Western Kansas
  • HIgh Plains Farm Credit
  • Koch Industries
  • Jack W. Lindquist
  • Cargill Cares
  • Kansas Grain Sorghum Commission
  • Kansas Corn Commission
  • Kansas Wheat Commission
  • Kansas Bankers Association – Ag Bankers Division


Patrons – $2,500 – $4,999

  • Ted and Florence Metcalf
  • Terry and Marcia Nelson
  • Agco, Hesston
  • Robert Haselwood *class I
  • Monsanto
  • Agribeef Management
  • Mark Knight *class II
  • Jill and Jay Garetson *class V
  • Shirley and Ron Suppes *class IV


Builders $1,000 – $2,500

  • Jack and Lindy Lindquist
  • Joe Carpenter and Barb Downey *classes IX and VIII
  • Dorothy Hutchins
  • Christ Trumble *class VII
  • Kanza Bank
  • Sunflower Mfc., Agco, Beloit
  • Zoetis
  • Steve Baccus *class I
  • Pfizer, Inc.
  • Community National Bank (Chanute, Edna, Fredonia)
  • Wyldewood Cellars – John Brewer
  • Bob and Susan Watson *class V
  • Duke Energy Renewables, Cimmaron Plant
  • Kent and Rebecca Ott
  • John and Carolynn Burns *classes VI and V
  • Jackie and Fred Diver *class VII
  • Clark and Carla Sue Boyer *class VII
  • Charlie Sauerwein
  • Gayla Moeckel *class II
  • Jill Zimmerman *class V
  • Larry and Jean Hixson
  • Porter Crop Insurance, Earl and Janet Porter
  • Jerry and Diane McReynolds *class I
  • Almena Agri-Services, Inc.
  • Irsik Equities
  • Royal Farms Dairy
  • Dillon Stores/Kroger
  • Mark Muller – Muller Construction
  • Kansas Pork Producers Association
  • Steve and Kay Irsik
  • Dan and Beth Bird
  • Kansas Soybean Commission
  • Teeter Irrigation – Monty Teeter
  • Finney County Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • US Premium Beef
  • Dr. Barry Flinchbaugh
  • Jeff Varner *class V
  • Kyle Smith, FC Stone, LLC
  • Brian Waugh *class IX
  • Knight Feedlot