KARL Graduate Program

Clinics, Workshops, Conferences & Tours

The KARL Graduate Program includes specialized professional improvement clinics, workshops and big issue conferences on a regional and statewide basis. Frequent surveys will present options for interest areas to develop into training and travel opportunities. The graduates generating the interest for clinic/workshop topics will be asked to serve as the planning and implementation teams. The KARL office and Graduate Program staff will serve as logistical coordinators, fee collection and vendor payment services and will coordinate the event marketing and event operations. The graduates will in essence have ownership in the events. The KARL Board alumni relations task force will be asked to serve as a sounding board as the staff develops site location optionsu, names of trainers and tour options and intended outcomes to meet the objectives of the event coordinating chairs and their teams.

The KARL Board has approved the education plan for the next 5 years for the KARL Graduate Program. Since logistics management is so complex, especially for tours, we believe you should have plenty of time to plan your possible participation.

Opportunities Under Construction



Differing from the “Push” form of education that the KARL Program provides, the KARL Graduate Program is a “Pull” educational program. We will be providing experiences YOU request through survey responses. Market demand therefor determines our agenda. The topics and locations are to remain flexible to deal with critical issues that might surface and tour location adjustments depending on trends. KARL alumni surveys will also be the driving force behind workshop and conference topics as well as domestic and international tours.

*TOURS: The KARL Graduate Program Intrastate (Kansas), Blue Chip (Corporate Strategic Management tours to a Fortune 500 company), Interstate (US Domestic) and International Study Tour destination options will be surfaced from surveys of the graduates with general tour opportunities (ultimately) marketed 2-5 years in advance of the projected travel dates.

DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL EXPERIENCES: In appreciation for supporting the two-year KARL Program, domestic and international tour experiences are offered by the KARL Graduate Program. A comfortable pace and balanced blend of fun and education allows us to continue lifelong learning.

KARL Graduates have first priority for attending tours. Fees are based on double occupancy, but graduates may travel as a single (supplement required) or share the experience with their spouse / adult guest. If the tour has available seats remaining, current board members and their guest have the next option. If still not filled, past board members will be contacted. If space still remains, neighboring state Ag leadership alumni and their guest will be invited.

Sustaining the two year program is an important component of the KARL Graduate Program. The “qualifier” policy was established to encourage graduate support of the two year program. Eligibility to travel on the domestic and international tours requires that a minimum of $250 per household be donated to the KARL general fund during the current program/fiscal year. For instance, the 2014 Alps tour donations must be deposited between May 1, 2013 and January 15, 2014 . Checks should be made payable to KARL, Inc. The KARL Program donations are not required (but encouraged) for in-state tour participation. We know many of you annually donate much more than the minimum amount and your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Note that donations made to the KARL Foundation endowment funds are considered perpetual gifts, and are not considered donations to the current class.

Participants will be able to register for a destination well in advance through a process known as “Bank-a-Tour”: Registrants can register upon a tours announcement, then pay off the estimated price immediately (with latitude for final payment price adjustments if estimated costs increase) or, may pay in monthly installments. Staff will keep a record (Excel file) of tour registrants and their payment progress.

BENEFITS OF PARTICIPATION: The greatest benefits of the KARL Graduate Program are to: 1) increase support of the two year KARL Program by alumni thus expanding their network 2) provide life-long learning and professional improvement opportunities 3) enhance quality of life experiences for graduates and their spouses through cultural exchange travel opportunities and 4) greatly enhance network development with other state and international agricultural leadership alumni and networks beyond the KARL family network.

Participant Testimonial – http://karlprogram.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Musil-Testimonial.pdf


To register for an upcoming event, send the registration forms and fees directly to the office. For Domestic and International tours of the KARL Graduate Program, contact the office to see if program support is at or above the qualifying level for tour participation and request registration materials. Payments to the current KARL Program class may be paid by credit card electronically via our PayPal button as can registration for KARL Graduate Program activities. Please add 3% service fee to Graduate Program Fees when using PayPal.For payments made by check mail to:
KARL Graduate Program
101 Umberger Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506


SURVEY’S DRIVE THE GRADUATE PROGRAM:  Graduates, we need your help to continually design programs specifically to meet your needs and wishes. When we receive a “critical mass” response to justify a group learning experience on a given topic the KARL Graduate Program will handle the logistics and line up the speakers/trainers to give you a cutting edge experience.

Thanks to survey responses over the past two years we were able to apply our new programming design format that separates the KARL Graduate Program from the two-year training experience you’ve known as the KARL Program.  The “Push” education system of the KARL Program has been replaced for the Graduates as a “Pull” system. YOUR KARL Graduate Program is off and running!

Since the program was Beta tested in 2010 we have conducted several clinics, workshops and critical issue caucuses with hundreds of graduates and guests attending.  Also, we have conducted tours to 8 countries and 5 states. The learning and travel experiences are continuing to engage our graduates in life-long learning through life enhancing experiences.  The following link is provided so that YOU can determine the locations of our next 5 Year Plan (2019-2023). The survey allows for a spouse / partner to take the survey from the same computer as well.


KARL Graduate Program*
1612 Claflin Rd – 101 Umberger Hall
Manhattan KS 66506

The KARL, Inc organization may be contracting Graduate Program support through outside sources.

For the alumni of the KARL Program there will be very little or no change in your life-long continuing education opportunities. Reunions, clinics, workshops & conferences as-well-as in-state, domestic and international tours all proceed as planned. And, as prioritized trends/needs and increased alumni engagement grows, so too will new opportunities, within and outside our borders.





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